Pharma commit to developing cancer research capacity in Africa

23 June 2017

The African Access Initiative was launched on 21 June in Seattle in the United States. It brings together the US non-profit BIO Ventures for Global Health with pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Takeda, as well as the African Organisation for Research and Training in Cancer, a pan-African research body.Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire,... Read more

New Open Source Biobank Management Tool Launched

23 June 2017

The tool is one of the outcomes of the Bridging Biobanking and Biomedical Research across Europe and Africa project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. The African partners are located in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda.Alan Christoffels, head of the South African Medical Research Council's bioinformatics research... Read more

Modeling Maize Viruses in Sub-Saharan Africa

22 June 2017

Nik Cunniffe, Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge in an international team of researchers using mathematical modelling to understand new ways of combating maize lethal necrosis, an emerging disease that poses a serious threat to food security in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more

Kenya's Commission for University Eduction emphasises the importance of publication in peer reviewed journals

21 June 2017

Kenya’s Commission for University Education has issued stringent new guidelines for the appointment and promotion of academic staff in a system that gives heavy emphasis to publication in reputable, peer-reviewed journals and discourages publication in so-called predatory journals. While the move is intended to raise academic standards, it has also raised... Read more

East African governments must work with universities on climate change

19 June 2017

East African governments should work with universities to build knowledge on climate change with a view to building the capacity and resilience of local communities, who largely depend on rain-fed agriculture, to mitigate the consequences of climate change. Read more

South African Geologist wins FameLab Science Communication Prize

15 June 2017

Tshiamo Legoale, a South African geologist, was on 9 June crowned the winner of FameLab International, a competition designed to give exposure to young, vibrant scientists. FameLab International is a TED talks-style competition where scientists from around the world showcase their work in three minutes in off-beat or exciting ways. Read more

New tool for early food shortages detection in Sub-Saharan Africa

12 June 2017

A new online tool to help decision-makers take early action to resolve problems that cause high levels of malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa has been launched. The tool known as Nutrition Early Warning System (NEWS) will be in use by the end of this year in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan,... Read more

Biosensor for rapid detection of dengue

12 June 2017

A biosensor to diagnose dengue fever in a few minutes and at a low cost is being developed by Brazilian researchers. Currently in testing phase, the biosensor consists of a quartz crystal microbalance that measures small differences in mass. Read more

Calls to boost universities’ PhD science training capacity in East Africa

8 June 2017

Strengthening the capacity of East African universities to train PhD and post-doctoral academics in areas such as human nutritional sciences, agriculture, technology, engineering and mathematics is urgently needed to develop local scientific capacity and help the region to achieve its development goals. Read more

The internet – A transformative power in higher education in Africa

6 June 2017

Information and communication technologies, or ICTs, and the internet in particular, hold enormous transformative potential for all levels of education in Africa, including higher education. Read more

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