Can HIV be Transmitted by Mosquitoes?

22 March 2017

QuestionIs it possible to get HIV from a mosquito that has drawn blood from an infected person and passed it onto a healthy person?AnswerRicky Nathvani from The Naked Scientists programme put Mehran's question to Dr Peter Bull at the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge. Read more

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New blog by CAPREx Fellow Dr Kwaku Kyeremeh (University of Ghana)

21 March 2017

"The science was good but, the people I met in the Leadlay laboratory were lovely, indeed. Interestingly, Professor Leadlay would show me round the Streptomyces DNA ladder on condition that I climb one of the tallest mountains in Wales, The Moel Hebog (Welsh for Bare Hill of the Hawk). Read more

Newborn screening needed for sickle cell anemia in Nigeria

20 March 2017

"Nigeria has the highest rate of sickle cell in the world," Bujola Bolarinwa, president of the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation in Abuja, told Al Jazeera last week. "You have millions of people living with sickle cell, hundreds of thousands of births every year, way more than HIV, way more than... Read more

UN announces interagency group to coordinate global fight against antimicrobial resistance

17 March 2017

The United Nations today announced the establishment of an Interagency Coordination Group on Antimicrobial Resistance, which will be co-chaired by Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed and World Health Organisation Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan. Ms. Mohammed said the creation of the UN joint agency group to combat AMR and advise on the global... Read more

African Academy of Sciences names Dr Tom Kariuki Interim Executive Director -

17 March 2017

The Governing Council of the African Academy of Science (AAS) has appointed Dr Tom Kariuki as Interim Executive Director, to serve from 7 March 2017 until a new Executive Director is selected. Read more

Study identifies African-specific genomic variant associated with obesity

16 March 2017

An international team of researchers has conducted the first study of its kind to look at the genomic underpinnings of obesity in continental Africans and African-Americans. They discovered that approximately 1 percent of West Africans, African-Americans and others of African ancestry carry a genomic variant that increases their risk of... Read more

Diversifying income streams in African universities

16 March 2017

In order to be sustainable, successful tertiary institutions around the world have found ways to diversify their income streams so as to reduce dependence on public funds which are often tied to economic and political factors. How can this work in Africa? Read more

African languages – Lifting the mask of invisibility

13 March 2017

As the first prime minister of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah was always aware of the necessity of securing the African continent as a base for all peoples of African origins. He had a vision of an Africa as a dominant industrial power in the world, but he was also aware that... Read more

Intensified support for climate change researchers in Africa

9 March 2017

The African Academy of Sciences and the Association of Commonwealth Universities have selected 37 African researchers from different African universities for the third cohort of a programme supporting early career researchers in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Read more

Bringing water to Kenya's drought-stricken wildlife

6 March 2017

In a wildlife sanctuary in southern Kenya the relentless sun has bleached savannah grasses and dried up rivers, turning water holes first into muddy pits and now, dust bowls. Read more

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