AAS announces appointment of new Executive Director

18 August 2017

The African Academy of Sciences Governing Council is today announcing the appointment of Prof Nelson Torto, a prolific analytical chemist, as its Executive Director with effect from 14 August 2017. Read more Read more

Animal health needs partnerships for vaccine delivery

17 August 2017

Like many victories in wars, the rinderpest campaign ultimately succeeded by engaging local communities, particularly in the mass livestock vaccination programme... read more Read more

Case study in Kenya confirms rare genetic condition in embryo conceived through IVF

16 August 2017

One of the rare conditions that’s been identified is Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, which results in babies being born with some body parts that are larger than normal. Studies have shown that babies conceived through IVF are at 10 times greater risk of having Beckwith-Weidmann syndrome than the expected frequency from normal pregnancies. Read more

Investing in infrastructure to retain African scientists

11 August 2017

According to the conference participants, African countries lack the infrastructure and entrepreneurial support needed to retain science graduates, which has an impact on scientific independence and contributes to the "brain drain" ". Read more

How Nigerians in the Diaspora Can Help Rebuild Economy

10 August 2017

The Nigerian government aims to replace oil as the major national exchange earner by growing non-oil exports to $30 billion in the next 10 years and eventually attain 20 percent of non-oil exports to GDP or approximately $100 billion annually based on its Zero Oil Plan. Read more

Angolan leader opens nation's largest hydro plant

7 August 2017

Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who steps down from office at the end of this month, on Friday officially opened the country's largest hydro-electric dam. Read more

Nigeria Can Make Billions From Cassava Export

4 August 2017

Nigeria could earn billions in foreign currency from its 47 million tonnes of cassava tubers produced annually, a university don, Prof. Aloy Ezirim has said. Read more

Climate change to push Ethiopian coffee farming uphill

1 August 2017

Relocating coffee areas, along with forestation and forest conservation, to higher altitudes to cope with climate change could increase Ethiopia‘s coffee farming area fourfold, a study predicts. Read more

Simple algorithm targeting social networks in disease prevention, Uganda

25 July 2017

Dr Goylette Chami, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge publishes a new study using a network theory approach to targeted treatment in rural Africa. The study finds that a simple algorithm may be more effective than current policies, as well as easier to deploy, when it comes to preventing disease... Read more

Africa major beneficiary in UK global health partnerships

24 July 2017

A project to establish African expert hubs for snake venom is one of several Africa-linked projects that will receive funding under a new UK global health programme. Read more

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