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Fellows 2016-17

"The science was good but, the people I met in the Leadlay laboratory were lovely, indeed. Interestingly, Professor Leadlay would show me round the Streptomyces DNA ladder on condition that I climb one of the tallest mountains in Wales, The Moel Hebog (Welsh for Bare Hill of the Hawk). With bad footwear and the tightest of jeans, I became the first Ghanaian to climb up the Moel Hebog... Visits to Gregynog, Devon and Gloucester etc. gave me memories that will last a life time....With the skills that I have gathered, my next five publications will show the world how microbial drug discovery at the University of Ghana has come of age."

Dr Kwaku Kyeremeh, Biochemistry

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Fellows 2015-2016

"One of the defining values of a scholar is open-mindedness at all time. When opportunities present themselves, it is important to take the challenges that come with them. That was my disposition on the journey to Cambridge, one of the leading Universities in the world......." - Dr Paddy Musana, History and the Cambridge Centre for Christianity worldwide

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Fellows 2014-2015

"The CAPREx programme has offered me the opportunity to enhance my career in terms of visibility by engaging with other researchers and also, sharing great deal of experience." - Dr Abu Yaya, Materials Science

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Fellows 2013-2014

"When I read about a talk by Professor Lord Anthony Giddens during the Cambridge ‘Festival of Ideas’ entitled, “Off the edge of history: the world in the 21st century”, I was thrilled that I would get a chance to be in the same room as the famous Sociologist. Many a time I have read his publications while I was still in graduate school, which enabled me to use some of his materials in my Political Sociology and Social Movement classes I teach these days ........." - Professor Andrew Ellias State, Sociology

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