CAPREx Video Highlights

See below for highlights of new areas of research being pioneered by CAPREx fellows in collaboration with Cambridge

  • Dr Naalamle Amissah & Dr Huw Jones Tissue culture for sustainable production of medicinal plants, pharmaceutical & smallholder farmer implications
  • Dr Aaron Mushengyezi Hybridisation of indigenous media and modern technology, & preservation of oral cultures
  • Dr Kwaku Kyeremeh Novel microbes in Ghana’s under-explored wetlands, biosynthetic capability, drug discovery
  • Dr Saudah Namayalo & Dr Jenneke van der Wal Reciprocal benefits of collaboration on Youth Urban Languages
  • Dr Samuel Kojo Kwofie Genomics of Ghanaian Hepatitis B and C, plans for bioinformatics & genomics platforms
  • Dr Fridah Katushemererwe Language learning tools to save endangered languages in Uganda
  • Dr Enoch Sebuyungo & Dr Edith Esch Wide-reach of sociolinguistic approach to improve translation of administrative documents 
  • Dr Wilber Ahwebwa Conservation, Tourism and Development in Uganda

You can also watch videos of CAPREx Fellows' full Cambridge-Africa Day presentations here