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Dr Emmanuel Nyankson

Collaborator: Dr Vasant Kumar, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

Synthesis and Application of Visible Light Photocatalyst in Oil Spill Remediation

This project researches the application of photocatalysis in oil spill remediation and water purification systems.

Dr Adriana Biney2

Dr Adriana Biney

Collaborator: Dr Brendan Burchill, Department of Sociology

Examining the Transition to Adulthood in an Urban Poor Context

This project will explore the transition to adulthood among young people resident in an urban poor community in Accra, Ghana

Dr Jennifer Amanda Coffie

Dr Amanda Coffie

Collaborator: Dr Adam Branch, Centre for African Studies

Refugee Diaspora and Peacebuilding in The Gambia

The project will examine the engagement of Refugee Diaspora in regime change and building peace in the context of The Gambia.

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Dr Fidelia Dake

Collaborator: Dr James Woodcock, MRC Epidemiology Unit

 To Walk, Ride Or Drive: An Assessment of Routine Data Sources on Physical Activity and Transportation in Accra, Ghana

This project will conduct an assessment of routine data sources on physical activity and transport in Ghana and model population health outcomes due to physical inactivity.

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Dr Ebenezer Annan

Collaborators: Dr Laura Torrente and Dr M.F.L. De-Volders, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Nano-Engineered Water Filters: Processing and Properties

This project investigates fundamental issues related to the development of ceramic water filters to provide effective and at the same time cheap systems to remove contaminants and bacteria from water for a particular location.

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Dr Jewelna Efua Akorli

Collaborator: Dr Frank Jiggins, Department of Genetics

Anti-Plasmodial mechanisms of mosquito gut bacteria isolated from field-caught malaria vectors

Advancement in the study of vector-parasite interactions has disclosed the effects mosquito midgut microbiota have on the development of ingested parasites.

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Dr Joseph Humphrey Kofi Bonney

Collaborator: Dr Simon Frost, Department of Veterinary Medicine

Using advanced genomic analysis to identify viral pathogens in residual diagnostic specimens after routine laboratory.

This project seeks to apply a metagenomics with the use of the next generation sequencing (NGS) approach on RT-PCR negative specimens to detect pathogen genomic material after the epidemic of Ebola virus disease.

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Dr Catherine Pauline Anena

Collaborators: Dr Solava Ibrahim, Centre of Development Studies

Re-examining the contradictions: women's economic empowerment and vulnerability to Gender Based Violence in Uganda

This project focuses on comparing the experiences of GBV faced by illiterate/semi-literate (unemployed/low income earners) and corporate (highly educated/career/high income) women.

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Dr Florence Ebila

Collaborators: Dr Devon Curtis, Dr Maria Marin de Almagro, Department of Politics and International Studies

Gendered Experiences: Nostalgia and memory in selected written and oral Ugandan war narratives

This project looks at the area of women's autobiographical war experiences.  

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Dr John Barugahare

Collaborator: Dr Stephen John, Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Comparative Bioethics: A framework for culturally-responsive implementation of ethical guidelines for international collaborative research

This project examines whether International collaborative health-related research ethical requirements are the same for High Income Countries and a Low Income Country.

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Dr Levis Mugumya

Collaborator: Dr Ella McPherson, Department of Sociology

Deconstructing AI-Shabaab and ISIS: a cross-cultural exploration of news reports on terrorism across the British and Ugandan press

The project explores news reportage on terrorism in Uganda and Britain. The project employs discourse analytical approaches to examine news stories on Al-Shabaab and ISIS drawn from New Vision and Daily Monitor (Uganda) and The Independent and Daily Telegraph (Britain). 


Dr Winnifred Tarinyeba Kiryabwire

Collaborator: Professor Simon Deakin, Faculty of Law

Legal and Institutional Constraints to the Development of Early Stage Enterprise Financing in Uganda

This research project seeks to understand constraints to the development of early stage financing.