Dr Ebenezer Annan

Dr Ebeneezer Annan (University of Ghana)

Research title: Nano-Engineered Water Filters: Processing and Properties

Research project: Access to clean water is a global challenge, especially in developing countries such as Ghana. The challenge is severe in mining or industrial communities. In this context, it is critical that the technologies are innovated to provide effective and at the same time cheap systems to remove contaminants and bacteria from water for a particular location. Ceramic water filters are comparatively inexpensive and they have been proven to be an effective method of treating water in developing countries at the point of use. They remove contaminants via size exclusion. Addition of other impurities can ensure further purification capability. This project investigates fundamental issues related to the development of ceramic water filters such as the effect of reducing the pore size of the filters on their filtration performance and regeneration. This is achieved by using sacrificial material to tune the porosity of the filters during the firing process (including a study of the sintering temperature). In addition to this, the project also investigates the addition of nanostructured materials such as carbon nanotubes and Iron oxide nanoparticles within the pores to simultaneously reduce Arsenic content.

Collaborator Dr. Laura Torrente and Dr M.F.L. De-Volders, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology