Dr Florence Ebila

Dr Florence Ebila (Makerere University)

Research title: Gendered Experiences: Nostalgia, Memory in Selected Written and Oral Ugandan War Narratives

This research investigates war narratives of selected African women and assesses their representation of gender relations, memory and nostalgia in order to find out how these inform our understanding of the effect of wars on women and their families as they experienced it. The research analyses what these women say about the war and its effects on their families and nations. The research not only focuses on content but also assess the literary forms; the style and stylistics used by the authors in narrating their stories. Through this I aim at assessing how literary forms, aesthetics and language is used by different women authors in different contexts and how these reflect cultural, political and social ideologies of the authors. These contextual reflections will provide inroads for me and other scholars to evaluate how literature informs history, gender, economics and politics to mention a few.

Collaborator Drs Devon Curtis and Maria Marin de Almagro, Department of Politics and International Studies