Dr Patrick Kobina Arthur

Dr Patrick Kobina Arthur (University of Ghana)

Research title: Structural Characterization of Antimycobaterial Compounds Isolated from Wood Decaying Fungi Found in Ghana.

Research project: The global problem presented by the rise in multi‐drug resistant tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections such as Buruli ulcer, has impelled researchers to search for new sources of lead antimycobacterial compounds. Dr Patrick Kobina Arthur's research group at the University of Ghana has identified many fungal species that produce potent anti-­‐microbial activities, such as those that are wood decaying and those found within tissues of marine plants. Dr Athur's collaborative research (with a Cambridge academic) is therefore focused on accurately studying/elucidating the structure of antimycobacterial compounds isolated from wood decaying fungi in Ghana,using analytical chemistry and spectroscopy techniques. It is hoped that the preliminary research could lead to further studies into new drug candidates.

Collaborating with: Dr Finian Leeper, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge