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Dr Osbourne Quaye

Collaborators: Dr Barbara Blacklaws and Dr Caroline Trotter, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge

Gastroenteric viral agents: detecting and characterising group A rotavirus strains in animals and comparison to strains reported in humans pathogens

The study is designed to determine reservoirs of human group A rotavirus strains in farm animals (e.g. pig, cow and chicken) in Accra, Ghana, and investigate the molecular diversity of these animal strains.

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Dr Harriet Nabushawo

Collaborator: Dr Mark Winterbottom, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Development of Teacher Competencies through Distance Education

There is a need to develop a framework for strengthening learner support services, specifically utilising up-country learner support centres and partnerships with local knowledge centres.

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Dr Abu Yaya

Collaborator: Dr Kevin Knowles, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge

Fabrication of electro-porcelain composites from local raw materials in Ghana

In this project, electro-porcelain ceramics are formulated from these deposits and the properties of the resultant fired materials are explored in relation to their workability, firing temperature, dielectric and mechanical characteristics.

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Dr Bruno Yawe

Collaborator: Dr Jaideep Prabhu, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Mobile Money Technology Adoption through Social Learning in Social Networks and its Effect on Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion in Uganda

This study seeks to establish the effect of mobile money adoption on both financial literacy and financial inclusion.

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Dr Henry Busulwa

Collaborator: Dr Mark Winterbottom, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Developing a new science education curriculum to promote sustainability, ecology and the environment

This research project develops a biology resource book that enhances teaching and learning with the aim of addressing challenges of environmental degradation, habitat loss and climate change.

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Dr Ahmed Mutunzi

Collaborator: Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam, Cranfield University

Advanced Solar Technology & Viable Investment Opportunities for Social Enterprises in Uganda

The research explores opportunities for investing in advanced solar technology that are viable for the social enterprises in Uganda.

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Dr Paul Omach

Collaborator: Dr Devon Curtis, Department of Politics & International Studies, University of Cambridge

Local communities, institutions and peacebuilding in Northern Uganda.

The aim of the research project is to examine the interface of local peacebuilding ideas, interests and practices with external peacebuilding programmes and how ideas transform.


Dr Saudah Namyalo

Collaborator: Dr Jenneke van der Wal, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge

The growth of Luyaaye and Ugandan youth-urban language change

The project documents and describes Luyaaye, an urban-youth language variety spoken in Kampala. 

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Dr Fred Aboagye-Antwi

Collaborator: Dr. Frank Jiggins, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge

The role of An. Gambiae s.s. factors and their interaction with environmental stress factors in modulating the fitness cost of P. falciparum infection in the mosquitoes.

Using a combination of field and laboratory or field-like set-ups, the role of environmental stress factors in modulating the fitness cost of P. falciparum infection in An. gambiae s.s. is investigated.

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Dr Helen Nambalirwa

Collaborators: Dr Emma Wild-Wood, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, University of Cambridge; and Professor David Maxwell, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Rereading violent biblical texts to promote peaceful solutions: A model for African biblical hermeneutics.

The project researches ways of promoting a critical reading of the Bible where people do not only read texts and do what the texts say but examine the possible consequences that can come as a result of a specific reading and interpretation.

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Professor Julius Kiiza

Collaborator: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge

Is There A Developmental State in Rwanda?

This project questions the wisdom of developmental patrimonialism presented as an important but incomplete departure from Africa's proverbial evils of clientilism, kleptocracy, or, in a word, non-developmental state.

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Dr Rovincer Najjuma

Collaborator: Dr Elaine Wilson, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

University-School Partnerships and Quality Initial Teacher Education: Closing the Theory-Practice Gap

This project explores how the Cambridge School-University partnership Model for mentoring teacher trainees can be used as a strategy to meet the mentoring needs of both school-based mentors and teacher trainees in Uganda.

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Dr Anthony Okuku Juma

Collaborator: Dr Kun-Chin Lin, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge

Oil-led development outcomes in Uganda and Ghana

This study is majorly theoretical and it focuses on politics and institutions for managing in the two countries. Critical are the character of the state, formal institutions that hold the political elites accountable and their management and use of the oil revenue.

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Dr Edgar Nabutanyi

Collaborator: Dr Veronique Mottier, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Representations of Homosexuality in Ugandan Media and Literary texts

This project substantially engages with representations of homosexuality in Ugandan media and fictional texts.

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Dr Wilber Ahebwa

Collaborator: Dr Chris Sandbrook, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Linking Communities and Conservation through Tourism: An Evaluation of Enterprise Approach in the Greater Virunga Landscape

This project focuses on tourism-related enterprises as strategy to address the twin challenge biodiversity conservation and community development in the Great Virunga Landscape