Dr Dilys MacCarthy

Dr Dilys MacCarthy (University of Ghana)

Research title: The impact of rice husk bio-char on soil characteristics, its agronomic effect and stability in irrigated rice cropping systems in the Accra plains of Ghana

Research project: This study aims at assessing the impact of rice husk biochar produced under local technology in managing Greenhouse gases (GHGs) and characterise it to understand the mechanism of its impact on yield and GHG emissions. Two experiments are being out: In experiment I, maize stover biochar is used to study the fate of biochar degradability as it has different carbon isotope signal to rice (C3). For this experiment, three levels of biochar and two levels of nitrogen will be used in a factorial experimental design. Experiment II uses rice husk biochar to assess the impact of biochar, and water management on the emission of greenhouse gases considering three factors - three levels of biochar, two levels of nitrogen and 2 water management regimes will be included in a 3 factorial design with each treatment replicated four times. A paddy soil is used and rice will be planted in the pots. Yield and nutrient uptake as well as effect of amendment on soil physicochemical properties will be done from samples from the pot experiment after harvest. Greenhouse gases, CO2, N2O and CH4 will be determined in gas samples collected from the incubation experiment using Gas Chromatography.

Collaborator: Prof Howard Griffiths, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

Publications: See Dilys' publications