Dr Joseph Honger

Dr Joseph Honger

Dr Joseph Honger (University of Ghana) 

Research Title: Genetic diversity of Erwinia carotovora strains from Ghana

Research Project: Erwinia carotovora has been reported as the causal agent of bulb rot of onion and soft watery rot of yam tubers in Ghana. Some bacterium strains are known to produce chemicals that are antifungal in nature and some are currently being evaluated and found to be effected against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides. Erwinia species are known to produce carbapeneme antibiotics. Currently, it has not been determined whether the antibiotic has any fungitoxic effect on other plant pathogens. Dr Honger's project looks at the following:
1. Studying the genetic diversity of Erwinia species infecting onions in Ghana
2. Determining the level of extracellular enzymes and AHL production, and virulence of strains of E. carotovora from Ghana at elevated temperatures compared to 28ºC.
3. Determine any antifungal activity of the carbapenem antibiotic produced by Erwinia species.

Collaborator: Professor George Salmond, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge