Dr Paddy Musana

Dr Paddy Musana (Makerere University)

Research title: Health and Wealth : Interrogating the Role of African Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity in Socioeconomic Development

Research project: The study investigates the Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity emphasis today in Uganda and Rwanda on the doctrine of prosperity through health and wealth. It explores whether it is a genuine religious and spiritual transformation experience with evident results, or a make-believe panacea amidst a suffering people taken advantage of by some leaders. Uganda and Rwanda have had a turbulent history which has greatly challenges the countries' social and economic development. However, religiously, the two countries have a lot in common from the demographic compositions of the different religious traditions, to the current beliefs and practices shaping the religious terrain. Over the last three decades, Uganda has seen the proliferation of many and diverse religious groups both of indigenous and foreign origins, notable among which is the Pentecostal-Charismatic strand of Christianity. This is also a period of significant social and economic growth, marked with a semblance of political stability. The post-1994 genocide period in Rwanda has seen the return of former exiles and refugees to their motherland. Significant in this were Rwandans returning from Uganda who established churches and religious groups similar to those in Uganda. Rwanda was previously a francophone country and there is little documented evidence about anglophone communities in Rwanda.

Collaborators: Professor David Maxwell, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge and Dr Emma Wild-Wood, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, University of Cambridge

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