SetWidth200 Dr. Susan Namirembe Kavuma v2

Dr Susan Kavuma

Collaborator: Professor Andreas Kontoleon, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

Determinants of Income Mobility and its impact on Welfare in Uganda

The study analyses the patterns of income mobility, determinants of income mobility and its impact on welfare using household panel data collected by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBoS) .

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Dr Beverly Egyir

Collaborator: Dr Mark Holmes, Department of Veterinary Medicine

Whole Genome Sequence Profiling of Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates from Livestock in Ghana

This study characterizes S. aureus isolates from livestock to determine if they differed from those found in humans with respect to antimicrobial resistance, genotypic diversity and content of virulence determinants.

SetWidth200 Dr. Angela Parry Hanson Kunadu v2

Dr Angela Kunadu

Collaborator: Dr Andrew Grant, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge

Characterization of bacterial pathogens from informal dairy value chains in Ghana

The aim of this research is to bridge the knowledge gap by providing information on the hygienic quality of milk as it transitions through the informal dairy value chains, and generate data on prevalence, distribution, and characterization of phenotypes and genotypes of significant pathogens in dairy.

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Dr Aaron Mushengyezi

Collaborator: Dr Andrea Grant, Centre of African Studies, University of Cambridge

‘Technologizing’ Orality: Toward a Hybrid Model of Oral Media for Rural Communities in Central Uganda

This research examines emerging hybrid models of secondary orality that have become popular in rural communities in Uganda. 

Enoch headshot

Dr Enoch Sebuyungo

Collaborators: Dr Edith Esch, Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge

Removing language barriers to regional cooperation: translating administrative documents from french to English for Ugandan and Ghanaian audiences

This study examines the translation of administrative documents from French into English in Ghana and Uganda. It shall be based on Nida’s sociolinguistic approach which considers the outlook and culture of the receptor audience. 


Assoc. Professor Archangel Rukooko

Collaborator: Dr Veronique Mottier, Human, Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge

Debating Homosexuality in Uganda: The Case of Members of Parliament (2005-2015)

The study examines the arguments that were raised by various members of parliament in recurrent bids to legislate against homosexuality in Uganda.

Mary Chama new v3

Dr Mary Chama

Collaborator: Dr Andreas Bender, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

In silico prediction of mode of action of phenylpyranotriterpenoids and other bioactive compounds as potential drugs

This project exploits the mode of action (MOA) and toxicity of dichapetalins using in silico techniques.

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Dr Dominica Dipio

Collaborator: Dr Georgina Horrell, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Mother-centered Africa through the Lens of Folktales

This research examines gender relations in the context of the family, paying attention to motherhood role in African folktales.


Dr Kwaku Kyeremeh

Collaborator: Professor Peter Leadlay, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

Novel Marine-Derived Actinomycetes from Ghana’s Western and Volta Regional Wetlands: Genetic Sequences, Chemistry and Biological Activity Profiles

The project emphasizes the importance of Ghana’s wetlands beyond the ecological and socio-economic significance and offers an entirely new scientific reason why this resource should be properly managed and protected.


SetWidth200 Eric Awich Ochen2 v2

Dr Eric Ochen

Collaborator: Dr Robbie Duschinksy, Institute of Public Health University of Cambridge

No Smooth Journey Home: Revisiting the Reintegration Challenges of formerly displaced young people in post-conflict Northern Uganda

This project looks at the reintegration and re-socialisation of young people after the end of conflict in northern Uganda and how they can be made to embrace productive social life.

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Dr John Okiror

Collaborators: Professor Geoff Hayward and Dr Mark Winterbottom, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Developing vocational pedagogy to enhance the learning and teaching of agriculture in African schools and reduce youth unemployment

This project is designed to assess the pedagogical methods used for teaching agriculture in Uganda and Ghana in light of the paradigm shift towards competence-based curricula.

Opintan 2 v2

Dr Japheth Opintan

Collaborator: Professor Gordon Dougan, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Origins and Evolution of Epidemic Cholera in Accra 

The current research performs whole genome sequencing (WGS) on archived epidemic Vibrio cholerae isolates for the purposes of creating a genetic library for studying the population diversity and evolution of the organism.