Associate Professor Archangel Rukooko

Associate Professor Archangel Rukooko (Makerere University) 

Research title: Debating Homosexuality in Uganda: The Case of Members of Parliament (2005-2015)

Research project: The study is a collaborative venture and proposes to examine the arguments that were raised by various members of parliament in recurrent bids to legislate against homosexuality in Uganda in the past ten years. As such it seeks to understand the structure of their arguments , the factors that influenced their reasoning, the justification of such reasoning, the validity of such reasoning, how such reasoning was mediated, and the impact and effectiveness of such reasoning. I will also identify proposals that may be forthcoming from this study. My research methods will mainly consist of a systematic discourse analysis of these debates; this will be supplemented by individual interviews, group seminars and focus group discussions with key informants. The research aims to create and provide greater understanding of homosexuality by members of parliament and other policy makers, civil society members, scholars, students and many other interested groups; not only to ensure better-informed debates, but also for review of curriculum and policy formulation. In terms of human rights, it is hoped that rights claimants can be empowered to demand their rights.

Collaborator: Veronique Mottier, Jesus College, Cambridge (HSPS/Sociology)