Dr Mary Chama

Dr Mary Chama (University of Ghana)

Research title: In silico prediction of mode of action of phenylpyranotriterpenoids and other bioactive compounds as potential drugs.

Research project:The management and modelling analyses of large store of biological data existing from research for the quest for new drugs has helped in the prediction of mode of action (MOA) and toxicity of compounds yet to be used as drugs. Dr Bender has developed a model called MOLPRINT 2D which has been applied in tonifying and replenishing medicines’ as well as Ayurvedic anticancer drugs in detail by Dr Andreas Bender’s research group form Cambridge University. However, not all different activity classes of medicines have been studied. Within a class of bioactivity, there are compounds that have not been clinically tested though have activity.
The aim of this project is to exploit the MOA and toxicity of dichapetalins using in silico techniques. This will be achieved through training in cheminformatics and application of models from the training to study MOA of the dichapetalins. It is hoped that the outcome from the study will, in the near future, not only translate into the development of new affordable drugs within short times but also reduce death rates that results from drug toxicity, so as to bring benefit to millions of people globally.

Collaborator Dr Andreas Bender, Department of Chemistry, Centre for Molecular Informatics, Cambridge University, UK