Funded Projects 2016/17


Research/ Initiative Title

Cambridge & African Collaborators

African Country

1 Debating Homosexuality in Uganda: The Case of Members of Parliament (2005-2015) Dr Veronique Mottier (Department of Sociology, Cambridge) and Assoc. Professor Archangel Byaruhanga Rukooko (Makerere University) Uganda
2 Mother-centered Africa through the Lens of Folktales Dr Georgina Horrell (Faculty of Education, Cambridge) and Dr Dominica Dipio (Makerere University) Uganda
3 No Smooth Journey Home: Revisiting the Reintegration Challenges of formerly displaced young people in post-conflict Northern Uganda Dr Robbie Duschinsky (Primary Care Unit, Cambridge) and Dr Eric Awich Ochen (Makerere University) Uganda
4 Determinants of Income Mobility and its impact on Welfare in Uganda Professor Andreas Kontoleon (Department of Land Economy, Cambridge) and Dr Susan Namirembe Kavuma (Makerere University) Uganda
5 Technologizing’ Orality: Toward a Hybrid Model of Oral Media for Rural Communities in Central Uganda Dr Andrea Grant (Centre for African Studies, Cambridge) and Dr Aaron Mushengyezi (Makerere University) Uganda
6 Developing vocational pedagogy to enhance the learning and teaching of agriculture in African schools and reduce youth unemployment Professor Geoff Hayward (Faculty of Education, Cambridge) and Dr John James Okiror (Makerere University) Uganda
7 Removing Language Barriers to regional cooperation: Translating administrative documents from French to English for Ugandan and Ghanaian Audiences Dr Edith Esch (Faculty of Education, Cambridge) and Dr Enoch David Sebuyongo (Makerere University) Uganda
8 In silico prediction of mode of action of phenylpyranotriterpenoids and other bioactive compounds as potential drugs Dr Andreas Bender (Department of Chemistry, Cambridge) and Dr Mary Anti Chama (University of Ghana) Ghana
9 Novel Marine-Derived Actinomycetes from Ghana’s Western and Volta Regional Wetlands: Genetic Sequences, Chemistry and Biological Activity Profiles Professor Peter Leadlay (Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge) and Dr Kaku Kyeremeh (University of Ghana) Ghana
10 Characterization of Listeria monocytogenes from dairy products marketed at informal markets in Ghana: A case study of Tulaku and Nima markets Dr Andrew Grant (Department of Veterinary Medicine, Cambridge) and Dr Angela Parry Hanson‐Kunadu  (University of Ghana) Ghana
11 What is the population structure and genomic diversity of antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates from livestock in Ghana? Dr Mark Holmes (Department of Veterinary Medicine, Cambridge) and Dr Beverly Egyir (University of Ghana) Ghana
12 Origins and evolution of epidemic cholera in Ghana Professor Gordon Dougan (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge) and Dr Japheth Opintan (University of Ghana) Ghana
13 Preparing UK and Ugandan Educational Professionals to Work with Students in/from Settings Affected by War and Trauma Dr Hilary Cremin (Faculty of Education, Cambridge) and Dr Paul Bukuluki (Makerere University) Uganda
14 The Social and institutional dimensions of economic transformation: a multi-disciplinary CDS-UR collaboration Dr Shailaja Fennell (Centre of Development Studies and Department of Land Economy, Cambridge) and Dr Jolly Rubagiza (University of Rwanda) Rwanda
15 Faith-based factors in the delivery of health and well-being in DR Congo Dr Emma Wild-Wood (Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge) and Dr Titre Ande (Université de Shalom, Bunia, DR Congo) DR Congo
16 Agent-based Modelling of Rangeland Health for Sustainable Dairy Production in Uganda’s South-western Cattle Corridor Dr Michael Bithell Department of Geography, Cambridge) and Dr Ronald Twongyirwe (Mbarara University of Science and Technology) Uganda
17 Creating Value from Mobile Platforms: From Financial Inclusion to Clean Energy in Kenya Dr Michael Barrett (Judge Business School, Cambridge) and Dr Samuel Liyala (Jaramogi Oginga University of Science and Technology) Kenya
18 Kenya-United Kingdom Staphylococcus aureus training collaboration (KUK-SATC) Dr Estee Torok (Department of Medicine, Cambridge) and Professor Sam Kariuki (KEMRI) Kenya
19 Building capacity for developmental biology research through the analysis of the ovotoxicty effects of 4-vinylcyclohexene (VCH) and its metabolites in the egg chamber of Drosophila melanogaster Dr Timothy Weil (Department of Zoology, Cambridge) and Dr Amos Olalekan Abolaji (University of Ibadan) Nigeria
20 Travel grant for a visit to Cambridge collaborators Dr John Gibson & Prof Ian Wilkinson (Veterinary Medicine & Medicine, Cambridge) and Rev. Dr Antwi-Boasiako (University of Ghana) Ghana
21 Sorghum Improvement for Increased Grain Nutrient Content Dr Alison Bentley (National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge) and Dr John Eleblu (University of Ghana) Ghana
22 Developing a joint research agenda Mixed methods research in Southern Africa Dr Sara Hennessy (Faculty of Education, Cambridge) and Dr Jacqueline Batchelor  (University of Johannesburg) South Africa
23 University curriculum reform in a time of post-colonial diversity: a Cape Town-Cambridge collaboration Dr Arathi Sriprakash (Faculty of Education, Cambridge) and Dr Adam Cooper (Human Sciences Research Council, Human and Social Development Programme) South Africa
24 Epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections among female sex workers in Rwanda Dr Simon Frost (Veterinary Medicine, Cambridge) and Dr Roman Saba Ntare (University of Rwanda) Rwanda
25 Testing of Calibration Techniques on a deployed Mid Frequency Aperture Array (SKA Phase 2) demonstrator Eloy de Lera Acedo (Department of Physics, Cambridge) and David B. Davidson (Stellenbosch University) South Africa
26 Synthesis and Testing of New Pseudocapacitors for Grid Storage Prof. Clare Grey (Department of Chemistry, Cambridge) and Prof Fabian Ifeanyichukwu Ezema (University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu) Nigeria
27 The genetic basis of fisheries-induced evolution in Lake Malombe cichlid fish Dr Hannes Svardal (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge) and Dr Bosco Rusuwa (University of Malawi) Malawi
28 An investigation into the interdependence of species with rainforest understory plant Pollia condensata Dr Silvia Vignolini (Departments of Chemistry- Ecology, Cambridge) and Dr Rebecca HN Karanja (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology) Kenya
29 Scaling Up Maternal Health and Sexual Education in Uganda: Addressing young adolescents’ needs through technological interventions at lower secondary schools Professor Ashley Moffet (Department of Pathology, Cambridge) andDr Stella Neema (Makerere University) Uganda
30 Tracing the role of genes controlling petal patterns in morphological radiation in the Cape Flora Professor Beverley Glover (Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge) and Professor Allan Ellis (University of Stellenbosch) South Africa
31 Social and genetic relationships between male African elephants in South Africa and Mozambique Dr Hannah S. Mumby (Department of Zoology, Cambridge) and Dr Michelle Henley (University of South Africa) South Africa and Mozambique
32 School on Insect Neuroscience and Drosophila Neurogenetics. A focus on cutting-edge affordable science. Dr Chuan Cao (Department of Genetics, Cambridge) and Dr Sadiq Yusuf (International Medical and Technological University) Tanzania, + 8 other countries
33 Novel fibre optic based sensing technology for understanding the performance of concrete integral bridges in South Africa Dr Mohammed Elshafie (Department of Engineering, Cambridge) and Ms Sarah Skorpen (University of Pretoria) South Africa
34 Travel Grant: Global gene expression of Anopheles gambiae s.l. breeding in polluted water Dr Mara Lawniczak (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge) and Dr Dziedzom de Souza Ghana
35 SoilCards: enabling paper-based, on-site soil testing by smallholder farmers Dr Lesley Boyd (NIAB) and Dr Joseph Mutwiri Miriti (Kenya Livestock and Agricultural Research Organisation) Kenya
36 The use of genetically modified Rhodopseudomonas palustris in novel bioreactor systems for enhanced hydrogen productivity Professor  Christopher Howe (Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge) and Dr Robert Pott (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa) South Africa