European Commission commit €45 million to protect Africa's wildlife

19 October 2017

New €45 million initiative seeks to curb unsustainable wildlife hunting, conserve biodiversity and improve food security. European Commission-funded, FAO-led partnership will help African, Caribbean and Pacific countries shift from wildmeat to alternative sources of animal protein. Read more Read more

TB vaccine given to kids protects up to 20 years later

17 October 2017

A study shows that a TB vaccine could provide about 50 per cent protection against the disease 10 to 20 years after being given to children of school-going age. Read more Read more

Ugandan scientists celebrate biotech law adoption

13 October 2017

Ugandan biotechnologists have reacted with excitement and optimism to last week’s parliamentary approval of the country’s long-awaited biotechnology law.  Read more

Is cancer control in poor countries too high-tech?

13 October 2017

Cancer control in developing countries focuses too much on expensive technology and too little on affordable prevention that can save lives, medical scientists warn. Read more Read more

Universities pool resources to fight common diseases

10 October 2017

A new university initiative has been launched targeting health research areas that receive minimal support from international donors in the East Africa region, but have a devastating effect on local populations. Read more Read more

Uganda virus institute to build diagnostic lab

6 October 2017

The Kampala-based Uganda Virus Research Institute, a Cambridge-Africa partner through the MUII initiative, will construct a multi-million shilling diagnostic lab at its field station in Arua near the country’s borders with South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more Read more

Grand Challenges Africa announces first winners

6 October 2017

The Grand Challenges Africa programme has announced the winners of its inaugural funding call for proposals, with eight projects each awarded US$100,000 to develop new technologies.Read more Read more

Could 'miracle' grain from Africa become the next quinoa?

3 October 2017

Fonio has been grown for over 5,000 years and is possibly the oldest cultivated cereal in Africa. The gluten-free grain, native to Senegal, has been touted as the next quinoa. Read more Read more

Makerere and Mount Kenya set up joint research kitty

29 September 2017

Kenya’s Mount Kenya University and Makerere University in Uganda have created a joint research fund to stimulate health research between the two institutions. Read more Read more

Kenya toughens up on research permits for locals and foreigners

29 September 2017

Kenya’s national science council has warned local and international researchers that they must obtain permission before carrying out studies in the country or risk legal consequences. Read more Read more

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