Nigeria-based International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) wins Africa Food Prize

21 September 2018

The Nigeria-based International Institute for Tropical Agriculture has won the latest Africa Food Prize, the first organisation to do so rather than an individual.  Read more

Global differences in scientific researcher mobility laid bare - Africans have the toughest time...

19 September 2018

European researchers face the fewest difficulties when travelling internationally for their work, while African researchers have the toughest time, a survey has found. Read more

South Africa: New book on SDGs calls for closer research-policy link

14 September 2018

A government policy-maker needs to find a solution to a water sanitation problem. Simple, tap into the latest research. Problem solved. If only. A new book addresses the frequent disconnect between research producers and policy-makers – a disconnect in urgent need of a solution if the United Nations Sustainable Development... Read more

Survivors Of Ebola Might Experience It Again – Cambridge University Expert

13 September 2018

A professor of Cambridge University, Jonathan Heeney, has raised the alarm over tendencies of some Ebola survivors having a reoccurrence the virus in the deeper compartments of their bodies where the immune system may not be able to clear. Read more

Helping young African scientists to achieve their potential

11 September 2018

Young African scientists face persistent barriers which cause them to leave their own countries, and even academia. This means the continent’s work force loses highly trained people who are crucial for scientific and technological advancement, and for economic development. Read more

China to offer thousands of scholarships to Africans over the next three years

6 September 2018

President Xi Jinping on Monday said China will implement eight major initiatives with African countries in the next three years and beyond, covering fields such as industrial promotion, infrastructure connectivity, trade facilitation, and green development. Xi made the announcement in a keynote speech delivered at the opening ceremony of the 2018... Read more

Baby kit bag saving lives in Nigeria

4 September 2018

A cut-price bag of essential sterile medical kit that has sold across rural Nigeria is saving thousands of lives.Costing around $4 (£3) the kit contains items such as disinfectant, sterile gloves, a scalpel to cut the umbilical cord, a mat to lie on during labour and tablets to reduce bleeding... Read more

Suppository dramatically cuts severe malaria deaths

30 August 2018

A suppository of the antimalarial artesunate drastically cut child deaths from severe malaria in a trial in rural Zambia. Children under five years old are  most susceptible to severe malaria due to a lack of immunity and if left untreated, severe malaria can quickly become fatal. During a 12-month trial with a... Read more

Malawi study shows diarrhoeal deaths can be cut by almost a third by rotavirus vaccine

29 August 2018

Globally, diarrhoea causes 17% of deaths in children who are at least four weeks old, according to researchers from Malawi, UK and US who conducted the study. Despite rotavirus being a major common cause of death among infants and young children, especially in Africa and Asia, the effect of rotavirus vaccine... Read more

New masters to boost machine intelligence talent pool in Africa

28 August 2018

A new African masters in machine intelligence funded by Google and Facebook seeks to create a community of machine intelligence (MI) practitioners in Africa to reduce the technology gap, build Africa’s economies and ultimately promote better governance. Read more

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