Genetic markers against deadly cassava viruses

19 September 2017

Two diseases that affect cassava could cause up to 70-100 per cent yield losses. Scientists identify genetic markers in Tanzania to help fight the diseases. The finding could lead to more disease-resistant local cassava varieties. Read more Read more

Virtual reality breathes new life into African fossils, art and artefacts

19 September 2017

Digital technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. So it was only a matter of time before the ways people interact with the past and ancient artefacts in museum settings became digital, too. Read more

New Gates Foundation Report

15 September 2017

New Gates Foundation report highlights remarkable progress against global poverty and disease, warns future progress in jeopardy. Read more Read more

Global challenges fund needs focus, review says

12 September 2017

The ICAI carried out a rapid review into the governance arrangements and strategy of the interdisciplinary global challenges fund, which was launched in 2015 and is due to distribute £1.5 billion from the Official Development Assistance budget up to the year 2020-21. Read more Read more

Dormant leishmaniasis parasites: threat to control

11 September 2017

About 50,000 to 90,000 new cases of visceral leishmaniasis occur globally a year. Study finds leishmaniasis parasites hibernate in a host for about seven days. Read more Read more

New programme to produce high-level agricultural skills

11 September 2017

African universities are set to benefit from a new €4.2 million (US$5 million) programme that will train postgraduate students in 11 countries in three thematic project areas: crop improvement; aquaculture and fisheries; and fragile ecosystems management. Read more Read more

New survey to assess challenges facing young scholars

11 September 2017

A study, launched last week by the Global Young Academy, an international society of young scientists, will investigate the context in which young scientists and scholars work, their experiences with international mobility, and the challenges and motivations that shape their careers. Read more

Botswana donates foot and mouth disease vaccine to Zimbabwe

8 September 2017

The government of Botswana announced that it has donated a vaccine for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) to neighbouring Zimbabwe in order to assist the country to tackle the current disease outbreak. Read more Read more

Massive Ebola data site planned to combat outbreaks

5 September 2017

An international partnership seeks African leadership to organize information about the disease. Read more Read more

Could a social network feed the world?

1 September 2017

A text message social network is spreading knowledge by helping farmers crowdsource answers. Watch here Read more

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