Smart farming innovation developed by Kenyan

17 May 2018

Brian Bosire, awardee of an Africa Prize and Leaders in Innovation Fellowships entrepreneur, created UjuziKilimo ('smart farming') to help farmers make better decisions through access to data. The company is building Africa’s first Agritech company to combine IoT (Internet of Things), data analytics and artificial intelligence to inform the farming industry. Read more

Seedballs to help with reforestation

16 May 2018

Teddy Kinyanjui is co-founder of Seedballs Kenya a company that is producing charcoal coated seedballs as a means  of help to reforest parts of Kenya that are turning into dust bowls. The  marble sized seedballs are charcoal coated to stop animals eating them but when the rains arrive they wash away... Read more

Uganda Cancer institute to be a Regional Training Centre for Oncologists

14 May 2018

After a decade of bringing Ugandan physicians to Seattle for training, this new program will bring Fred Hutch and University of Washington  Medicine oncologists to the UCI in Kampala, Uganda, to train the next generation of East African oncologists. Read more

Kenya to send nano satellite precursor into space today!

11 May 2018

History will be made when the firts Kenya University Nano Satellite Precursor Flight (1KUNS-PF) by the University of Nairobi team will be deployed into Space on May 11, 2018 from the Japan Space Agency (JAXA) Tsukuba Space Centre in Tokyo, Japan at 1 pm Kenya time. Read more

icipe Director General, Dr Segenet Kelemu, receives Women Economic Forum’s Women of the Decade Award

9 May 2018

Dr Segenet Kelemu, the Director General of the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), is among the recipients of the 2018 Women of the Decade award, the highest recognition conferred by the Women Economic Forum (WEF). Read more

CESA, not SDG4 – A guide for the African continent’s aspirations

8 May 2018

In a number of my articles and at different events, I have highlighted what I regard as the tenuous stance on higher education taken by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), even though my critiques have been tempered by the fact that the SDGs are more favourable to higher education than... Read more

Cambridge-Africa Programme celebrates its 10th anniversary

2 May 2018

The University of Cambridge celebrated the tenth anniversary of its flagship Cambridge-Africa Programme at an event held at the Fisher Building in St John’s College on 1st May 2018. Read more

Blood transfusions a ‘hidden’ malaria risk in sub-Saharan Africa

1 May 2018

The high prevalence of malaria parasites in blood for transfusion in Sub-Saharan Africa could be a major setback in the fight against the disease in the region, a study suggests. Read more

Weak policies are harming the circular economy path in Africa

26 April 2018

African countries need to embrace circular economy to lessen waste production and pollution whilst promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable growth, experts say. Read more

New technology revolutionizes fight against old diseases

23 April 2018

Yaounde, Cameroon: On the second floor of an infectious-disease research facility in this African capital, Dr. Joseph Kamgno, the country's leading expert on parasitic roundworms, stood at his desk staring down at the black hard-shelled case that had just arrived from a bioengineering lab at the University of California-Berkeley. Read more

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