African agriculture network seals training deal with UN FAO

20 July 2018

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Africa (RUFORUM) has established a partnership agreement with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, with the objectives to implement concrete collaboration initiatives to leverage comparative advantages, capitalize on existing resources and institutional expertise, and multiply the outreach and... Read more

Intensified farming ‘rarely’ aids wellbeing, environment

18 July 2018

Agricultural intensification rarely leads to simultaneous benefits for ecosystem services such as biodiversity and human wellbeing, researchers say. Read more

Call for more research into dementia in LMICs

12 July 2018

Worldwide, the proportion of the population that is 65 years of age or greater has grown over the last decades, and this trend will continue. As advancing age is the greatest known risk factor for dementia, the number of individuals living with dementia worldwide will nearly triple by 2050. Read more

Malawi - wider access to higher education needs a mindset shift

12 July 2018

At Malawi’s first international conference on higher education last month, Professor Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, vice-chancellor of the Nairobi-based United States International University – Africa, suggested there was need for caution in the Malawian government’s decision to “unbundle” the University of Malawi and turn its four constituent colleges into stand-alone universities. Read more

The crop that put women on top in Zanzibar

9 July 2018

Seaweed has been hailed as a new superfood, and it's also found in toothpaste, medicine and shampoo. In Zanzibar, it's become big business - and as it has been farmed principally by women, it has altered the sexual balance of power. Read more

The West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens in Ghana inaugurates a building and hi-tech research equipment

5 July 2018

On 22 June Waccbip opened the building which contains a conference room, a PhD lecture room, a boardroom and a cold room. It also unveiled a high-performance computing unit and a confocal microscope. Waccbip’s director, Gordon Awandare, a former CAPREx Fellow said: “Four and half years ago, we dared to dream... Read more

35 New Africa Based Projects Awarded Grand Challenges Funding

5 July 2018

The US$100,000 exploration grants by the Gates Foundation seek bold solutions to pressing problems. Grand challenges sets out to fund high risk, high reward projects that address critical challenges in global health and development. So, while many of these project may ultimately fail,  only a handful need to succeed to dramatically... Read more

New Grand Challenges Funding focuses on research into new medicines for malaria, TB and neglected tropical diseases

2 July 2018

The African Academy of Sciences, whose Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa programme manages Grand Challenges Africa, issued the call for proposals on 27 June.Following the established Grand Challenges pattern, seed grants of U$100,000 will be available for projects. Read more

Africa’s preprint platform: a gateway for mother tongue science

29 June 2018

The launch of Africa’s own preprint platform, AfricArXiv, represents a step forward for open science on the continent—but also makes history by paving the way for research publications in African mother tongues.  Read more

Seeding Labs – A catalytic opportunity to drive discovery

28 June 2018

The discovery by a Harvard molecular biology doctoral student of troves of unused and underused scientific laboratory equipment in a university basement was the impetus behind a project which has today brought equipment worth over US$30 million to 63 institutions in 33 countries around the world. Read more

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