Polio close to eradication in Africa

3 September 2019

In 1988 more than 125 countries had polio while currently there are three countries that have not yet been declared polio free, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. For the last three years Nigeria has not reported any cases of polio. Read more

Growing Burden of Non Communicable Diseases

28 August 2019

A recent study published in the African Journal of Emergency Medicine and undertaken at Kilmanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Tanzania highlighted the growing burden heart failure and stokes as the reason for hospital admission at the Centre. Read more

Used rapid diagnostic kits can aid malaria drug resistance detection

12 August 2019

A study led by researchers at Copenhagen University has highlighted the potential use of used rapid diagnostic malaria kits to identify drug resistance mutations. The WHO advises testing the effectiveness of Artemisinin combination therapy anti malarials every 2 years to identify emerging resistance but in practice there are not the... Read more

Low income Countries bear disproportionate burden of childhood Cancers

5 August 2019

Cancer has been a neglected area of health care scrutiny and provision in Sub Saharan Africa. A recent article in Lancet Oncology, published on 29th July, examines the burden of disease of childhood and adolescent cancers and notes that 82% of childhood cancers occur in low, low-middle or middle income countries. Read more

Pill dispenser wins Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

25 July 2019

The innovator of a smart locker system which dispenses medicines to patients in less than 36 seconds has won the 2019 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. Health facilities are resource-constrained and healthcare workers are overwhelmed, resulting in patients often having long waits for medications. Read more

Mosquito Population Drastically Reduced by Genetically Modified Fungus

25 July 2019

A fungus that has been genetically engineered to produce spider toxin can drastically reduce populations of malaria-spreading mosquitoes, according to a study described as a breakthrough in combatting the disease. Read more

Threat of drug resistant malaria spreading to Africa

24 July 2019

After 10 years of progress on the malaria front, globally malaria incidence and mortality have been increasing since 2015. A couple of recent articles have highlighted the spread of drug resistant malaria from the hotspott of Cambodia to surrounding countries - in particular Laos and Vietnam. Read more

Need for Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment

28 May 2019

Cervical cancer causes a disproportionate burden on disease in Africa. Rates are up to six times higher than in North America, and as a result the disease is one of inequity. A WHO meeting held in May in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, for member states reviewed the draft of the... Read more

Action Needed on Aflatoxins

28 May 2019

Aflatoxins are naturally occurring harmful toxins produced by the fungi Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus. They are present throughout Africa, and are a particular risk as Africa produces and consumes much starch-based food crops such as maize and groundnuts which are susceptible to the fungi. Read more

Discarded electronics from Europe pollute Ghana's food chain

14 May 2019

Chemicals from improper disposal of old electronics shipped from Europe is contaminating food in Sub-Saharan Africa, says a report from IPEN, a global network of public interest NGOs forging a toxics-free future. The report notes that countries in the global South lack efficient, safe and sustainable infrastructure to discard old... Read more

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