Kenyan innovation takes plastic bags out of forestry

16 January 2018

Plastic bags are known for their environmental impact. They slowly release toxic chemicals once in the soil, for instance, and find their way into the guts of animals that often choke and die as a result. Read more

Meet the scientists immortalizing African heritage in virtual reality

12 January 2018

(CNN)The archaeological wonders of the world offer a rich window into the past. But many are crumbling, weed-laden and victim to vandalism and conflict. Read more

Amazing science and technology news from Africa

9 January 2018

Read the Planet Earth Institute's pick of some amazing developments and the greatest science and technology innovations in Africa that we should keep an eye on in 2018, by clicking here. Read more

THRiVE partner icipe's first female head praised by Bill Gates

8 January 2018

Dr. Segenet Kelemu, Director General of THRiVE partner icipe, witnessed the damage locusts wreak in rural Ethiopia, aspired to study agriculture and as described by Bill Gates “used the power of science to find ways to help farmers grow more food and earn more income. After working abroad for 25 years,... Read more

Emeritus Professor Jennifer Thomson (Cambridge alumna and South African female role model) speaks about the need to instil confidence in girls

5 January 2018

Society needs to help girls be more confident about their abilities about maths and science, according to Jennifer Thomson, the executive president of the Organisation for Women Scientists for the Developing World (OWSD), a body that aims to nurture female researchers in the global South. Read more

Technology innovations to watch out for in Africa for 2018

3 January 2018

The BBC picks 5 trends in the technology sector that will impact on people lives in Africa in 2018. Read more Read more

Children from the Kibera slum in Nairobi given expandable shoes for their growing feet

2 January 2018

A new scheme has been set up in Nairobi's Kibera slum to protect children's feet. Expandable shoes are being distributed that come in 3 sizes, each of which can be expanded up to 5 times.  For more information watch this video clip. Read more

The incredible journey of the first African tortoise that arrived in Europe

19 December 2017

About 95 million years ago, a river turtle adapted to marine environments and made an extraordinary migration from the ancient continent of Gondwana, which grouped what is now Africa and South America, to Laurasia, the Northern continental mass of which Europe, Asia and North America were part. Read more

E-learning boost for medical outreach training programme

18 December 2017

The Community Based Education Research and Service, a mandatory component of the health professions curricula implemented by medical schools in Uganda since 2003, has proved effective as an innovative student-centred problem-based learning programme. Now, another innovation in the form of Open Deliver, an online e-learning platform, is to be integrated... Read more

Influential Kenyan academic Calestous Juma dies

18 December 2017

Kenyan scholar Calestous Juma, a professor of the practice of international development at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, has died aged 64. Juma was a fellow of the UK Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering, as well as the United States National Academy of Sciences. Read more

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