Discarded electronics from Europe pollute Ghana's food chain

14 May 2019

Chemicals from improper disposal of old electronics shipped from Europe is contaminating food in Sub-Saharan Africa, says a report from IPEN, a global network of public interest NGOs forging a toxics-free future. The report notes that  countries in the global South lack efficient, safe and sustainable infrastructure to discard old electronic products, known as e-waste and most of such dangerous products are dumped in these nations. Discarded electronics have chemical substances including brominated dioxins that persist in the environment, and accumulate in the food chain.

“The results of recent egg testing at the Agbogbloshie scrap yard in Ghana include the highest levels ever found of brominated dioxins,” says the report. “An adult eating just one egg from a free-range chicken foraging in the Agbobloshie area would exceed the European Food Safety Authority tolerable daily intake for dioxins by 220-fold.” Read more 

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