Fake Malarials result in huge costs and many deaths in Africa

29 January 2019

Iyt is estimated that fake antimalarials contribute to 116,000 additional deaths a year in Sub-Saharan Africa with  children under 5 being most affected. This is based on modelled data as estimates of country-level health and economic impacts of fake and poor quality antimalarials are scarce in the region.  A study published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene last week examined fake malarials' impact as it affects DRC (Congo). In Uganda, the researchers estimated that substandard and fake antimalarials account for U$31 million, or eight per cent cost of the annual burden of malaria among children under five years who sought care, according to the findings published in the Malaria Journal this month. It is hoped that these figures will help policy makers address this pressing issue. Read more

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