Africa’s preprint platform: a gateway for mother tongue science

29 June 2018

The launch of Africa’s own preprint platform, AfricArXiv, represents a step forward for open science on the continent—but also makes history by paving the way for research publications in African mother tongues. 

The platform, launched on 25th June 2018, is hosted by the Centre for Open Science, a non-profit organisation based in Charlottesville in the United States. It allows scientists to upload their preprints—essentially, the manuscripts they have submitted to journals—for quick moderation and publication. This means research results can be shared, with caveats, almost immediately rather than held up by lengthy peer-review processes.

Preprints are popular in many scientific disciplines, but this is the first such service targeting exclusively African research. AfricArXiv—short for African Science Archive—is not just a repository for preprints but welcomes other types of material as well.

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