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Thursday 27th September 2018

Higher Education Partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa (HEPSSA)

Established by the Royal Academy of Engineering

The Higher Education Partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa Programme (HEPSSA) – supported by the Anglo American Group Foundation and the UK Government through the Global Challenges Research Fund – was established by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2016, following the successful pilot scheme, Enriching Engineering Education Programme.

By forming and strengthening relationships between academia and industry, the programme aims to ensure that the higher education system in sub-Saharan Africa produces engineers with the skills and knowledge required to meet the needs of industry, tackle local challenges, address the engineering skills shortage in sub-Saharan Africa, and to showcase engineering’s role in driving economic development in the region.

To maximise the impact of this collaboration, the programme is implemented through a ‘hub and spoke’ model. The Hub universities are funded to undertake bilateral secondments with local industry partners, and in turn, share their experiences with a larger number of Spoke universities through a series of knowledge sharing workshops and reports.

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Sunday 30th September 2018

Research project grants on humanities, social sciences and library science in Namibia and southern Africa

Carl Schlettwein Foundation | Carl Schlettwein Stiftung, CH

hese support research projects and events with a focus on Namibia or southern Africa.

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Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Human Heredity and Health in Africa consortium biorepository (U24 clinical trial not allowed)

NIH: National Human Genome Research Institute, US

The National Human Genome Research Institute, on behalf of the National Institutes of Health, invites applications for its Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) consortium biorepository (U24 clinical trial not allowed) funding opportunity. This supports cooperative agreements to further develop and sustain up to three H3Africa biorepositories by building on existing infrastructure. The biorepositories will maintain state-of-the-art methods and technologies for DNA collection, processing, quality control, handling, management and storage needed for specimen collection and dissemination in Africa.

US and foreign for-profit and non-profit organisations and public and private organisations may apply.

The total budget is USD 6.9 million to fund three awards. Grants are worth up to USD 1m per year for a maximum period of three years.

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Thursday 11th October 2018

ICT-enabled mechanisation in Africa

Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, NL

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation invites proposals for its call on ICT-enabled mechanisation in Africa. This supports initiatives that leverage on ICT solutions facilitating the use of mechanised equipment by smallholder farmers and cooperatives. The objective is to facilitate, through ICT-enabled mechanisation services, farmland cultivation and job creation for youth in Africa and share lessons learnt. Projects should be implemented in at least two African countries.

Private or civil society organisations from countries within the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, EU or Development Assistance Committee are invited to apply. Applicants must be legally registered and operational in the African country or countries in which they plan to implement the project, and must have at least three years’ experience in implementing ICT-enabled farm mechanisation services.

The total budget is €250,000. One or two grants are available for activities lasting up to 14 months.

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Tuesday 16th October 2018

Horizon 2020 societal challenges

(Planned opening for applications 16/10/18 with applications deadline 23 January 2019)

Proposals shall assess and deliver better nutrition performance of African farming systems, strengthening the agro-biodiversity (and integrated aquaculture systems) and food diversity. They shall address innovative approaches in local food systems while covering technological, food safety, social and gender issues, and address sustainable postharvest technologies, including bio-based packaging, to reduce food waste along the post-harvest/consumer chain and plastic littering. Empowerment of small farmers (including aquafarmers) and processors benefitting rural areas leading to diversity of diets and improving food identity is essential. Food supply chains (conventional and organic) for both local urban markets and high value global markets shall be targeted. Proposals need to ensure the commitment and participation of a variety of partners established in the EU and in Africa, and shall establish relevant links with other projects involved in the EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership on Food and Nutrition Security & Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA). Proposals should include a task to cluster with other projects involved in the EU-Africa R&I Partnership on FNSSA and with the cooperation platform established under SFS-32-2017.

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Wednesday 24th October 2018

USAID/DRC funded Environment Partnerships Program (DRC EPP) Agency for International Development Democratic Republic of the Congo USAID-Kinshasa

US Agency for International Development, US

This supports collaborations that tackle development challenges using an approach that can be replicated and sustained, leading to measurable improvements in development outcomes. Multiple awards are available for projects worth up to USD 100 million at 50 per cent of eligible project costs.

Maximum award: USD 50,000,000

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Thursday 1st November 2018

Frontiers of engineering for career development

Interdisciplinary, international symposia

 Bringing together outstanding early-mid career engineers from the UK and developing countries to establish collaborations for projects to address the global grand challenges. After each symposium participants are eligible to bid for seed funding to kick-start a new collaboration established at the event. This programme is now welcoming expressions of interest and nominations to attend the next or a future Frontiers of Engineering for Development event. The next event, in November 2018, will focus on Engineers as Healthcare Practitioners – for information about this please contact

Award Value - £10,000 - £30,000.

Nominees should have the following characteristics:

Be 5-20 years post-doctorate, or have equivalent experience in industry
Have an established interest in engineering for international development purposes, or be keen to apply existing work to combat global challenges
Have the potential to be a future leader of the engineering community

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Monday 5th November 2018

Future for wildlife seed grants

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo invites proposals for its future for wildlife seed grants. These support field conservation and research projects in Africa and Asia, as well as educational and cultural activities that positively impact wildlife, habitats and human communities. Projects focusing on the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply:

•wildlife protection, including law enforcement and illegal wildlife trade issues;

•human wildlife conflict mitigation;

•development and promotion of sustainable environmental practices;

•habitat protection and restoration, including terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems;

•capacity building, education or training, community-based conservation and development;

•conservation biology, ecology and natural history studies, including terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.

Projects must have a clear and direct conservation impact, positively affect local people and create opportunities for capacity building in country. Priority is given to species or taxa based projects that focus on species within the zoo’s collection.

Grants are worth between USD 1,000 and USD 3,500 each. Projects should begin in the year that they are applying for funding.

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Wednesday 14th November 2018

Apply to Innovate UK's Energy Catalyst £10million fund

Transforming energy access in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Deadline: 14th November 2018

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