Global transformation

Global universities and their global responsibilities

"World-leading universities can play an important role in strengthening African research" PVC for Institutional & International Relations Eilis FerranRead more 

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Vice-Chancellor says young African talent will set science agenda

Better higher education could help the continent solve many of its problems and maximise its greates

Africa needs to fuse local policies with global efforts on scientific collaboration. Read more 

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Maternal and Neonatal Health Research Newsletter

Supporting African researchers working in Africa to combat major killing and debilitating diseases

WT-CCGHR and Cambridge-Africa work together to make the world-class expertise and facilities available at the University of Cambridge to AfricaRead more 

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Vice-Chancellor calls for increased collaboration with Africa

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Global Gathering 2016, Dakar

Speaking at a plenary panel, the Vice-Chancellor stressed that: "The challenges we face today are global. So, too, are the solutions we seek."Read more 

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26 October 2016Read More

Cambridge has waived application fee for graduate students from most African countries

The University of Cambridge’s policy on graduate admissions was reiterated by Vice Chancellor, Profe...

19 October 2016Read More

Rwanda: Education Sector Moves to Domesticate SDGs

The education sector has policies and priorities in place that will ably facilitate the domesticatio...

17 October 2016Read More

East African Nations Pool Intelligence to Thwart Illegal Ocean Fishing

Early in December 2012, a South Korean vessel called the Premier entered the Indian Ocean to fish. I...

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The CAMBRIDGE-AFRICA Programme aims to strengthen Africa's own capacity for a sustainable research and mentoring culture, by supporting talented individuals who will make this long-term goal a reality. The Programme emerged in 2008 and covers a range of initiatives across subject areas. Cambridge-Africa is now supporting African researchers working on African priorities in Africa, in partnership with Cambridge researchers. Read more

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Fri 28 Oct

Covering the Presidential Election

John Prideaux, US Editor of the Economist

Mon 31 Oct

Theorising Democracy beyond ‘State’ and ‘Society’

Aline-Florence Manent (UCL)

Mon 31 Oct

'The Long Southern African Past: Enfolded Time and the Challenges of Archive'

Prof Carolyn Hamilton, University of Cape Town

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