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Cambridge-Africa Day 2016

University of Cambridge’s engagement with Africa

"The Cambridge-Africa Programme is about planting seeds that allow partner institutions to thrive." Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Leszek BorysewiczRead more 


Cambridge academics work with Africans to address global health issues

Emerging infectious diseases

“If you want to understand the processes of disease emergence, you have to work in areas where these diseases most emerge..." Professor James WoodRead more 

Trinity College

Trinity Bursuries for Students from Africa

Application deadline Friday 20 January 2017

The Trinity Bursaries for Students from Africa are intended for students from any African country who wish to take a taught post-graduate courseRead more 

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Vice-Chancellor says young African talent will set science agenda

Better higher education could help the continent solve many of its problems and maximise its greates

Africa needs to fuse local policies with global efforts on scientific collaboration. Read more 


Global transformation

Global universities and their global responsibilities

"World-leading universities can play an important role in strengthening African research" PVC for Institutional & International Relations Eilis FerranRead more 

Latest News

2 December 2016Read More

Planet Earth Institute wins funding from Gates Foundation for leveraging R&D funding in Africa

The Planet Earth Initiative (PEI) headed by Angolan philanthropist Alvaro Sobrinho and Mauritius' pr...

1 December 2016Read More

Rwanda's Drone Delivery Service Takes Off

Rwanda officially launched a new programme to deliver blood and other urgent medical supplies to rur...

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The CAMBRIDGE-AFRICA Programme aims to strengthen Africa's own capacity for a sustainable research and mentoring culture, by supporting talented individuals who will make this long-term goal a reality. The Programme emerged in 2008 and covers a range of initiatives across subject areas. Cambridge-Africa is now supporting African researchers working on African priorities in Africa, in partnership with Cambridge researchers. Read more

Upcoming Events

Mon 6 Feb

Title TBC

Kinch Hoekstra (Berkeley)

Mon 27 Feb

Grotius on natural law and supererogation

Johan Olsthoorn (Leuven)

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