University of Lagos Nigeria

Mr Damilola Adebayo, a Cambridge-Africa PhD Scholar, Speaks to Nigerian Students in Lagos

During a field visit to Nigeria, Mr Adebayo had an informative discussion with a group of 100 graduate students at the University of Lagos.Read more 

Dr Pauline Essah This Cambridge Life 2

The African scientist making enduring connections between Cambridge and Africa

Dr Pauline Essah, the Cambridge-Africa Programme Manager, is interviewed by 'This Cambridge Life'.

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Accelerating R&D and access to medicines for tropical diseases

High-level panel discussion hosted by King's College, Cambridge and the Cambridge-Africa Programme

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Cambridge-Africa wins a Professional Services Recognition Scheme Award

Award presented for the category 'We respect others and value diversity' on 11th December

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Access to Medicines: Addressing Inequities in Recipient Communities

Goylette Chami speaks at the ISNTD on redefining the access to medicines for #NTDs

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Research Horizons Africa Special

Collaboration with Africa

This issue celebrates partnerships that have made Cambridge one of the world’s leading universities for engaging with African Research.Read more 

University of Lagos Nigeria2

Damilola Adebayo, a Cambridge-Africa PhD Scholar, visits University of Lagos in Nigeria

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21 September 2018Read More

Nigeria-based International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) wins Africa Food Prize

The Nigeria-based International Institute for Tropical Agriculture has won the latest Africa Food Pr...

19 September 2018Read More

Global differences in scientific researcher mobility laid bare - Africans have the toughest time...

European researchers face the fewest difficulties when travelling internationally for their work, wh...

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About the Cambridge-Africa programme

Established in 2008, Cambridge-Africa is an umbrella programme at the University of Cambridge that comprises a range of proactive, coordinated, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary initiatives in Cambridge and Africa that help to strengthen research capacity and scholarship in African universities and research institutes.

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Dare To Change: Turning The Tide against Nigeria’s Health Threats

Cambridge University's Professor Jonathan Heeney speaks in Nigeria

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The yin-yang of the immune response: keeping the balance to decrease the burden of Chagas heart disease

Prof. Walderez O. Dutra, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil and Wellcome Trust-Cambridge Cen...

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A Just Theory of Riots

Jonathan Havercroft (Southampton)

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