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Online event from SEPTEMBER 27 - OCTOBER 01 2021




Join us at Biodiversity Genomics 2021 to celebrate success, explore challenges and look to the future of sequencing all life on Earth.


Biodiversity Genomics 2021 will bring together researchers across the world to celebrate our achievements in genome sequencing across the eukaryotic tree of life, explore current challenges and their likely solutions, and look forward to the coming decade of the application of genomics across the globe. With major projects starting to deliver data at scale, new tools for sequencing and assembling genomes becoming available, and increased awareness of the power of whole genome data in understanding organismal biology and ecosystem processes, Biodiversity Genomics 2021 promises to be a milestone in the effort to “sequence life for the future of life”.


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Tue 28 Sep

Strengthening capacity for health innovation in Africa: Launch of the H3D-F and IFPMA partnership

Join us on Tuesday, 28 September from 14:00-15:30 CET for a virtual launch of this partnership

We are excited to announce the formal partnership between the H3D-Foundation (H3D-F) and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) with an event titled ‘Strengthening Capacity for Health Innovation in Africa’.

This event is a opportunity to showcase not only the world-class discovery and innovation taking place in the region, but also how this capacity can be uplifted and strengthened through partnership and collaboration.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted global access inequalities to vaccines and therapeutics, but it has also showed the world that Africa is ripe and ready for health innovation. However, we can only build a sustainable environment for health innovation through collaborations with inter- and multi-disciplinary partners across all areas – government, academia, and private industry.

The H3D-F is uniquely positioned to act as the interface between these various stakeholders, taking to the next level what has been built through over a decade of integrated drug discovery and development on the African continent with the H3D Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. By reducing barriers to health innovation through targeted capacity strengthening programs with multiple strategic partners, the H3D-F aims to lead Africa to be a global player in innovative pharmaceutical R&D.

Make sure to register for this 90-minute virtual event as we celebrate health innovation on the African continent through the launch of the H3D-F and IFPMA partnership, joined by:

  • Trevor Mundel, President, Global Health, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Glaudina Loots, Director of Health Innovation, DSI, South Africa
  • Dr Jutta Reinhard-Rupp, Head of Merck Global Health Institute
  • Dr Patrice Matchaba, President of the Novartis US Foundation and Head of US Corporate Responsibility
  • And more experts and special guests.

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Wed 29 Sep

2021 Symposium of the African BioGenome Project (AfricaBP)

Deciphering African BioGenomes: From Biodiversity Genomics to Enhanced Bioeconomy

The 2021 Symposium of the African BioGenome Project (AfricaBP) will be hosted at Biodiversity Genomics 2021 by the Sanger Tree of Life Programme : 

Theme: Deciphering African BioGenomes: From Biodiversity Genomics to Enhanced Bioeconomy
Date: Wednesday, 29th September, 2021
Time: 3 pm - 5 pm GMT+1
Venue: Online
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Wed 17 Nov

BIEA CfP 2021 Annual Conference

15.00-18.00 EAT on Wed 17 November, 24 November, 1 December and 8 December

The British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) is pleased to announce a new annual conference. The 2021 Annual Conference will take place digitally over four afternoons in late 2021 (15.00-18.00 EAT on Wed 17 November, 24 November, 1 December and 8 December) and will discuss the latest cutting-edge research. We welcome papers in the humanities and social sciences on any part of the African continent that speak to the Institute’s core research themes of retelling the past, changing environments, urban lives, technologies of politics, next generations, and epidemics, pandemics and epizootics. We welcome papers by those who have previously received support from the BIEA, as well as from those who are new to the Institute. Early career academics are encouraged to participate. If you would like to present a paper please submit a title, abstract (300-500 words), short bio (maximum 200 words), and a note on any of the scheduled dates or times that you would not be able to present to by Friday 23 July 2021. All presenters will be given approximately 15 minutes to discuss their paper.


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