Here is a list of blogs, travel reports and website updates related to the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) - Cambridge Collaboration

Our Cambridge Visit. Written by Jackson Orem, Executive Director, Uganda Cancer Institute. 4th June 2019  

Uganda Cancer Institute Team visits Cambridge. Written by Dr Jackson Orem, Executive Director, Uganda Cancer Institute. 17th October 2019 

Ugandan cancer researchers spend the summer at CRUK Cambridge Institute. Written by Henry Wannume and Paul Katongole. 17th October 2019

Uganda Cancer Institute - Cambridge Collaboration. Written by Amit Bhasin, Cambridge Africa Programme Manager. 17th January 2020

Uganda and University of Cambridge in joint cancer research. The Second Opinion (online news). 23 January 2020

Cambridge Global Health Partnerships (CGHP) and the UCI (see paragraph on cancer at bottom). February 2020. 

Strengthening the UCI-Cambridge Collaboration. Written by Corinna Alberg, MUII/THRiVE Programmes Coordinator, Cambridge-Africa. 11th February 2020

Suzanne Turner writes about her visit to the Uganda Cancer Institute. Written by Suzanne Turner, CRUK Cambridge Centre. 11th February 2020

Our first visit to Uganda, participating in the MUII AGM and recruiting for the CRUK-CI Summer Research Programme. Written by Dr Mike Gill and Dr Davina Gale, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. 20th March 2020. 

Looking beyond the starry skies of endemic Burkitt lymphoma. Written by Suzanne Turner. 30th September 2020  

The Ongoing Collaboration between the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) and Cambridge. Written by Polly Basak. 25th November 2020. 




The Chemotherapy Safety Project between the Uganda Cancer Institute and Cambridge written by  Dr Joyce Balagadde-Kambugu, Uganda Cancer Institute and Dr Denise Williams, Cambridge, 1st March 2021. 

Faith Nakazzi at CRUK-Cambridge Institute. Written by Faith Nakazzi 3rd February 2022

Resty Nabeeta - 2021 CRUKCI "Summer" Research Student. Written by Resty Nabeeta 22nd February 2022

A Life Changing Experience Written by Abraham Matovu Dungu, 10th September 2022 

Elective Placement at the University of Cambridge. Written by Ferguson Natukunda. 21st September 2022.