Uganda Cancer Institute - Cambridge Collaboration


Written by Amit Bhasin, C-A Programme Manager

The latter part of 2019 saw some real movement in establishing and consolidating this new and exciting collaboration between the Uganda Cancer Institute UCI and the University of Cambridge. Following on from the visit to Cambridge in May 2019 by Dr Jackson Orem, and his team and the opportunity for two of his staff to subsequently attend the pilot of the CRUK Cancer Institute Summer School, a MoU was executed between UCI and the University of Cambridge in November 2019. At this time an application was submitted for funding for a coordinator to be employed to provide day-to-day support for the initiative.

We are very pleased to report that this bid was successful and that funding has been secured for the post for 12 months in the first instance. A priority area for the next year is the development a joint research and training programme that meets a number of identified priority research areas at UCI and will be supported by cancer researchers and clinicians at the University of Cambridge, CRUK Cambridge Centre, CRUK Cambridge Institute and Cambridge Global Health Partnerships.

As momentum gathers and the number of collaborative activities increases over the next few months, we’ll be setting up a new web-page soon to keep every-one aware and updated on all that is happening.