The Cambridge-Africa Programme has a Strategic Advisory Group (CASAG) that represents the breadth of disciplines, schools and offices involved in the University of Cambridge's research collaborations with African universities and institutes. 

CASAG meets once per term in order to provide a strategic overview of the Cambridge-Africa Programme and provide advice to the Cambridge-Africa core management team. 

Current members of CASAG are below. 

Professor James Wood (chair)                    Dr Tabitha Mwangi (secretary)                       
Dr Lara Allen Professor Stephen Bentley (Sanger Institute)
Professor Mark Carrington Dr Devon Curtis
Professor Melinda Duer Professor David Dunne
Professor Ian Goodfellow Linda Hindmarsh (CUDAR)
Dr Tolullah Oni Renata Schaeffer (SPO)
Dr Rosalind Parkes-Ratanshi Professor Julian Rayner
Professor Pauline Rose Dr Justice Tankebe
Professor Caroline Trotter Professor Suzanne Turner

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