Roman Saba Ntare

Dr Roman Saba Ntare, 1 year Postdoctoral Fellowship

Collaborators: Dr Simon Frost, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Dr Jane Greatorex, Public Health England and Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge

Roman is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Rwanda. Prior to this THRiVE postdoctoral position, he was Head of the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences (BLS) and Principal Investigator for the KHI/CDC - a project that supports the strengthening of laboratory training in Rwanda.

Roman’s primary career interests revolve around research on infectious diseases, and his current research focuses on the role of sexual networks and the transmitted virus in the spread of HIV in Rwandan at-risk populations, results of which, he hopes will significantly contribute towards the zero AIDS infection health agenda. He expects his fellowship to bridge the present technical laboratory research gaps since PhD completion. In particular, he intends to improve on techniques in HLA typing and related sequencing, which he hopes to utilize often in his future research work.