Eddie Mujjwiga Wampande

This Post-Doctoral work is a follows-up on Eddie Mujjwiga Wampande's PhD research. In 2013 Eddie Mujjwiga Wampande's group (Moses Jojoba’s laboratory) described M. tuberculosis Uganda genotype (MTBC Lineage 4 sub lineage) as being responsible for 68 % of TB cases for the last 17 years (1992-2009) in Kampala-Uganda, the reasons for this  is unknown . Subsequent data showed that M. tuberculosis genotypes circulating in Uganda are equally virulent / transmissible; unfortunately this could not explain why M. tuberculosis Uganda genotype is the principal cause of TB. Data elsewhere has shown that human genetic variants are associated with different Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) lineage infections suggesting a host-pathogen dependent interaction. For his Postoctoral fellowship he will explore genetic interaction between M. tuberculosis and its host. To do this, the team shall genotype the human and M. tuberculosis strains and seek for association between host polymorphisms and pathogen genotype. Such findings can be used to understand TB pathogenesis and identification of molecules that can have TB therapeutic potentials.